Intelligent Traffic Solutions - ITS

The Company presents ITS solutions with fiber optic, copper and wireless communication infrastructures based on TCP/IP or serial communication such as Profibus. System components and protocol structure are fully NTCIP, XML and/or OPC compliant. Ortana mainly uses TCP/IP data flow standard for its projects to achieve a reliable, flexible and expandable open system concept.

Enforcement Systems 

Instantaneous and average speed checks of the vechiles performed automatically in the predefined speed corridor. Speed Limits, Instananeous and averrage speeds of the each vechiles are shown via variable message and traffic signs at the same time.

Control Center Solutions

Contol Centers are consist of data acquisition equipment, integrated management of variable message/traffic signs, video cameras, weather processing systems, and a variety of security products that are designed to control and manage the Highways, main artery of access roads and tunnels



Tunnel and Road Lighting

In order to provide the right light at the right place with the right beam there are strenuous safety demands for tunnel lighting. Ortana's new LED tunnel lighting lamps offer optimal safety, high savings, a long life time and an environmental friendly solution eliminating the disadvantages of HPS and HID lamps

Railway Signaling

In parallel to the developing technology, LED Railway Signal Lamps are produced with an innovative optical design by Ortana. They can be seen from a far distance and are less energy consuming. Ortana LED Signal Lamps are suitable for all applications that require high intensity light warning as well as a low-cost and maintenance-free solution for such applications.

Engineering Solutions

ORTANA designs, develops and manufactures steel support structures as well as VMS and its other products under 3D Solid Modelling, 2D Modelling, Design Verification, Structural Analysis and Finite Element Analysis Methods.