Enforcement Systems have great advantages of preventing traffic accidents caused by violation of speed and traffic rules. In addition to that the vehicles driving at appropriate speed according to road conditions consumes less fuel with compared to the high speed ones. Enforcement Systems decreases the both property damages occurred from the traffic accidents and decreases the fuel consumption in the country. Enforcement Systems have an important contribution for traffic safety.




These systems become more powerful, if they are supported by law. Enforcement Systems can able to detect traffic violations and take the photos or videos of the each vehicles that commits the traffic violation. The record data will be stored in the database as an evidence for violation process organization to provide supplementary income to the country economy.


Enforcement Systems can also able to be integrated to other intelligent traffic systems such as meteorological systems, traffic jam detection systems, event detection systems. According to the data taken from these systems, vehicle drivers is informed automatically about the traffic and road conditions via variable message and variable traffic signs.




Republic of Turkey General Directorate of Highways 4. Regional Directorate 

Ankara – Polatlı – Sivrihisar

Intelligent Traffic Systems, Plate Recognition, Instant and Avarage Speed Systems




Republic of Turkey KGM 5. District Directorate Tasoluk, Ayran, Kızlac, Aslanlı Tunnels Enforcement System