Quality Policy    quality2

With the awareness of our responsibility to increase the social welfare of our country and all humanity in the world, that is transforming into an information society, and advancing rapidly on this path.

To ensure customer satisfaction by delivering the appropriate products on time to meet all the user requirements and the applicable legislation in the design and production of Transportation, Aviation, Civil and Defense sector products.

In our marketing, sales, design, production, technical service and other activities; to keep the quality high and increase the efficiency of the products produced with continuous improvement activities without giving up the principles of honesty and openness.

To ensure personnel satisfaction by increasing the motivation and development of the staff, to continuously develop and progress with the staff who are proud to work at ORTANA in good days and bad days and with the management understanding that success multiplies exponentially in this way.



Environmental Policy  

Since its establishment in 1992, Ortana has considered providing a safe and healthy work environment, protecting the environment, energy and natural resources as a part of its manufacturing activity. Our company aims to continue its existence with adhering to the following principles,

  • To take steps to prevent environmental pollution and to obey rules and regulations related to environment

  • To raise awareness , provide training for all employee in order to increase our environmental standards,

  • To plan and take precautions that would minimize the effect of environmental hazards in the case of any accident, emergency or extraordinary situation that can occur during our operation. 

  • To protect our natural resources with  reusable and recyclable materials and to control our wastes caused by production

  • To provide continuous improvement of the environmental management system with regards to environmental policy, aims and targets



Information Security Policy


The main aim of TS EN ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System is to demonstrate that information security management is provided within the human, infrastructure, software, hardware, organization information, third person information and financial resources, to ensure risk management, to measure the performance information security process and to regulate relations with the third person’s in information security related matter.

For this purpose, the aim of the ISMS Policy is:

  • Managing information assets, identifying security values, needs and risks of assets, developing and implementing security risk controls

  • To define the framework within which information assets, values, security needs, weaknesses, threats to assets, methods for detecting the frequency of threats will be determined

  • Define a framework for assessing threats to the effects of privacy, integrity, and accessibility on assets.

  • To establish the working principles for the processing of risks.

  • Keeping track of the risks by observing the technological expectations in the context of the service scope.

  • To ensure the information security requirements arising from the internal and external stakeholders' responsibility for the internal and external stakeholders, in compliance with the obligations arising from agreements, in compliance with national and international regulations, legal and related legislative requirements.

  • To reduce the impact of information security threats to service continuity and to contribute to continuity

  • Ability to quickly intervene in the events of information security that may occur and to have the competence to minimize the impact of the event

  • Protecting and improving the level of information security with a cost-effective control infrastructure over time.

  • To improve the reputation of the company, to protect from information security-based adverse effects