Ortana designs, develops and manufactures steel support structures as well as VMS and its other products under 3D Solid Modelling, 2D Modelling, Design Verification, Structural Analysis and Finite Element Analysis methods.

      • Wind Load Simulation
      • Snow Load Simulation
      • Load Simulation
      • Earthquake and Temperature Simulation
      • Elastification/Plastification State Analysis
      • Deformation Analysis
      • Fastening Analysis
      • Vibration Analysis
      • Heat Distribution Analysis
      • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis (CFD)
      • Displacement Analysis of Gantry / Cantilever / Pole
      • Anchorage, Concrete, Base Plate Analysis
      • Welding Analysis
      • Fastening Analysis of Gantry / Cantilever / Pole
      • Loading Analysis of Gantry / Cantilever / Pole