In order to provide the right light at the right place with the beam there are strenuous safety demands for tunnel lighting. Ortanas's new LED tunnel lighting lamps offer optimal safety, high savings, a long life time and an environmental friendly solution eliminating the disadvantages of HPS and HID lamps.

* High Intensity, Long Life Time LED Technology

* Up to 45% Power Savings

* Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Lighting

* Color Temperature Range Between 2700-6500 K

* 0-10 V DC Dimming Control

* Luminous Intensity Settings Between 0% to 100%

* Optional DALI Interface

* High Power Factor

* Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Housing

* Tempered Glass Front Face

* Resistant to Vibration and Shocks

* IP66 Water and Dust Isolation

* Increased Life Time with Efficient Thermal Cooling

* Each LED is Seperately Protected 




Tunnel Lighting Control

Safe light with different levels of lighting is obtained by using control unit settings.

* Digital light level settings

* Full integration to SCADA

* PLM, RS485, Profibus, ModBus TCP communication support

* Automatic Luminous Intensity via DALI Interface

* Current and temperature control per LED panel

* Extendable installation

* Management per groups