Mobile Variable Message Signs extends the advantages of stationary Variable Message Signs to all points on a motorway. It also has ability to work as a Variable Trafic Sign or Speed Warning System with Radar.

Mobil VMSs, mounted on a specially designed trailer, have ability to allow either local or remote control and management functions via GSM modems.
.. Mobil Değişken Mesaj İşareti


•   Wireless communication via PDA
•   Remote control through GSM/GPRS modems
•   Monochrome, dual color and fullcolor options
•   Multilingual freely programmable messages support
•   Hydraulic Open/Close Mechanism
•   All international traffic signs are graphically preloaded
•   Certification to EN12966 European Specifications
•   World's 1st Official EN12966 Certificate
•   Lowest Power Consumption Per Unit Area in the Industry

•   High optical performance (EN12966 Class L3, R3,B5/B6,C2)
•   Long lasting life, high intensity LED technology
•   Energy saving with automatic dimming setting
•   Minimum 15 years life time including all equipment (low maintenance requirement)
•   CE approved trailer  

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