METEOS 101       Integrated Meteorology Sensor
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Precipitation Intensity
  • Precipitation Type
  • Precipitation Quantity
  • Air Pressure
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Speed
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                            METEOS 151       Visibility Sensor


  • Especially Built for Traffic Applications
  • Simple Installation and Maintenance
  • Measures Visibility up to 3000 Meters
  • Internal Relative Humidity
  • Absolute Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Temperature
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                           METEOS 201       Passive Road Surface Sensor


  • Road Temperature
  • Salt Percentage
  • Freezing Temperature
  • Road Condition
  • Water Thickness


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                           METEOS 251       Non-Intrusive Overhead Mounting Road Surface Sensor
  • Fully Solid State Design
  • No Mechanical Part
  • No Conventional Lamps 
  • Fully based on IR LED Sensor Tech.
  • High MTBF and Long Lasting Lifetime
  • Integrated Surface Temp. Measurement
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                           METEOS 901        Data Logger with GSM/GPRS Modem & Antenna


  • Especially built for Meteorology Cabinets
  • Ideal for Data Processing and Storage
  • Internal GPS Sensor (Optional)
  • Internal GSM/GPRS-HSPA (Optional)
  • TCP/IP, Modbus, Profibus and Open (NTCIP) Communication Protocols
  • Internal Power Backup Unit for Data Losses
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                            METEOS 910       Meteorology Station Control Cabinet
  • Especially built for Meteorology Stations
  • Simple Installation
  • Ideal for Harsh Environmental Conditions
  • IP66 Isolation Class
  • Minimum 15 years life time including all equipment
  • Automatically functioning Heater Fans for Cold Environmental Conditions (Internal Temperature Sensor)
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